Field Work, Port Arthur Field Trip

Port Arthur – Day Three – In the lab

View from the Lab

It was a beautiful day today in Port Arthur and a great start to the lab and field work. At 9am, we all met down at the Policeman’s Cottage and split into groups. Louisa and Tom went with Annita and David to do surveying and some excavation work, Andrew and Bradley started with photography, and the rest of us started sorting through artefacts and eventually cleaned all the artefacts that were recovered from the Penitentiary Chapel.

Sorting Artefacts from the 2011 Penitentiary Chapel Excavations in Hobart

For those of our group that are new to the archaeology scene, today was a very important introduction to the world of archaeology and they are all learning so much. It was a great experience to look at all the artefacts that have been recovered and begin to understand what was going on with the convicts at the Penitentiary Chapel.

Artefact Photography
Site Survey with Louisa and Tom