Field Work, Port Arthur Field Trip

Port Arthur – Day Four – Lab and Field

Today, we again met at the Policeman’s Cottage where we split into two different groups.  The majority worked in Policeman’s Cottage, cataloging artefacts, whilst a smaller group of three operated in the field.

In the Field

Maxim, Ilona and Holly began the day working with archaeologist Annita Waghorn, continuing the excavation of the fire-mains trench.  In particular, we focused on uncovering the distribution of brick within the trench, as opposed to the layers of clay and charcoal.

After lunch, Ilona continued with excavation, while Maxim and Holly were introduced to the use of a Dumpy Level by David Roe.  With his assistance, a profile of the Radcliffe Creek was taken and some valuable experience gained!

Ilona’s progress in the trench exposed a brick box drain, which may possibly have been used for grey water drainage.  Photographs of this were taken by Holly, under the guidance of Annita, with an explanation given of what is necessary to include in a photograph intended for use as archaeological documentation.

In the Lab

Lauren and Louisa continued photographing artefacts. Andrew tethered the camera to the computer which enables you to use the PC as the camera viewfinder. Three boxes of artefacts were sorted. Cataloging continued with two computers, which increased the rate of artefact input. This is by far the most time consuming task as identification as well as artefact measurements and descriptions are required.

The journey continues….