Field Work, Port Arthur Field Trip

Port Arthur – Day Seven – Last Day of the Laboratory Work

Today is the last day and night we will be spending in Port Arthur, and I’m sure we are all missing this fantastic place already. The work of the previous day was continued, with Leah and I (Bradley) working in the trench, and Andrew, Tom, Maxim, Holly, Ilona and Louisa processing the various artefacts in the labs.

Out in the trench, we finished up doing a description of feature 2 and added some measurements and bearings of the feature onto the scale map. More of the trench was dug out and we photographed the unearthed soil layers. For the rest of the day we completed a scale diagram of feature 3 using a drawing grid and plumb bob, and started drawing a section layer drawing of the different contexts of the north wall of feature 3. Luckily we had lovely weather to work in.

Our morning lab work saw the completion of the bagging of artefacts from the site.  Afterwards, we continued to expand the database, through further cataloguing and photography.  Some of the more interesting artefacts recorded include a ceramic jar manufactured by “Maling” in Newcastle, England.  Lastly, we had a wonderful evening meal with Jeanne and David at the Felon restaurant.

We all had a wonderful time over the past week in Port Arthur.  Our time spent working with such knowledgeable and experienced professionals, such as Annita, David and Jeanne, will undoubtedly prove invaluable. The group has learnt more than initially expected, and some have found a passion for another element of archaeology. In all, this has been an exceptionally rewarding experience.