Every Day I’m Shovellin’ Pub Crawl

Last Saturday night (5th May), ArchSoc held it’s “Everyday I’m Shovellin’” pub crawl in the East End of Adelaide. At least that is what I’ve been told…I do not recall much.

I awoke Sunday and sat at my computer to write a review…which was impossible, given the two minutes worth of memories of the night prior. Facebook and various discussions over the next 48 hours have shed some light on the pubcrawl’s events…

Our blue shirts raged through town; first PJ O’Briens, where a million pubcrawlee’s (true stats) arrived for their first stint of drinks; then Austral, where another pubcrawl was apparently being held (ours was better…); then Shotz , where awesome turned to weskome; and Sugar. I can’t comment on Sugar due to my brief five seconds of swaying by a pool table then refusal of re-entry. Outside was nice though. I met a lovely trolley.

I’ve heard numerous stories from Saturday night. Ranging from ‘I got kicked out of sugar for a disagreement with a vending machine’, to ‘the bar staff told me it was illegal to drink from a jug’ and ‘it was definitely the blurriest pubcrawl I’ve ever been on’, to ‘I lost my car…’.

In short, our crawlers did not disappoint. Our hearty, sizely crew showed onlookers how one crawls at a pub, and many kept on till 5am in the morning at various pubs (I believe people were expelled from numerous pubs across the city and refused entry elsewhere…I feel you guys…).

This may have been our most epic crawl yet…but some valuable lessons were learned:

a)      Don’t predrink with triple vodkas…

b)      Your bankcard is not your ID

c)       We don’t punch our friends

d)      ArchSoc members and friends are truly the most awesome people in the world, and are the long lost descendants of strong, mead-loving Viking warriors (also legit stats).

Which brings to me a most important point. I would love to extend a super big hug to all those who attended (if I haven’t already hugged you for hours telling you I loved you and how beautiful you are on Saturday-I believe I spent a good 10 minutes stroking someone’s moustache fondly). It was those brave souls who rocked up in their dashing shirts and made our night an incredible one whom I would love to raise a toast to…when I can swallow again.

Indeed my Facebook feed is on Struggle Street, notifying me of all the new friendships that were formed as part of ArchSoc’s pub crawl; our first social networking event for this year was clearly a great success!

Thank you everyone, until the next time! *crawls back into bed*.

Nessa Beasley

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