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ArchSoc Presents – About Time: South Australia’s History Festival and National Archaeology Week

ArchSoc’s events for the 2012 About Time: South Australia’s History Festival and National Archaeology Week are coming up in the next few weeks.

We kick off NAW with the Community Archaeology Day at the Plympton Railway Station on Sunday 20th May, where we will have a sausage sizzle and demonstrate site survey techniques to the public. Find the flyer for this event here: CommArchDay. On Tuesday 22nd May in the Plaza at Flinders, we will be having a sausage sizzle from 11am. We end National Archaeology Week with the Meet the Archaeologists! Night at the Flinders Victoria Square building. See the flyer here: MTAN. And the program here: MTANProgram.

Since the launch of the About Time website, our events have consistently been in the most popular events listing, often as first and second most popular out of over 500 events.

‘It’s great to see our hard work paying off and that ArchSoc has the ability to compete with so many well-established heritage and history groups’,  said Jordan Ralph, President of the Archaeological Society.  ‘We have 121 members this year, and there is a great deal of interest among the students in learning research skills as early as they can. At ArchSoc, we are determined to facilitate the professional and academic development of all Flinders archaeology students and it seems our passion is contagious, because this year we have had people from other universities, high schools, heritage groups and the wider community seek us out and join’.

Events such as these are of great benefit to the student body, says Professor Claire Smith:

‘An important part of research training in archaeology is learning to work productively with the many people who have a stake in the past. All archaeologists do a substantial amount of voluntary work as part of their training. The community projects that they undertake often led to research projects as Honours, Masters or PhD students. With community trust and in-principle permissions, students find that they have a head start on their research projects. By participating in ArchSoc activities students are able to start their careers while they are still undergraduates’.

Being part of groups such as ArchSoc can help students in their future careers, says Associate Professor Heather Burke:

‘The Archaeological Society provides students with easy access to support from other students and comfortable relationships with staff. This gives students the chance to identify as professionals early in their studies. This is a critical part of their training’.

These themes will be explored by ArchSoc President, Jordan Ralph in the Department Seminar titled ‘Today ArchSoc – Tomorrow the World!’. This seminar is on the 31st of May, 2012 in Room 149, Social Sciences South, 3pm, everyone is welcome. ArchSoc members are expected to attend.