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Old Plympton Railway Station: Aims of the Survey


Today, the Flinders Archaeological Society kicks off National Archaeology Week with our first About Time: SA History Festival event: Community Archaeology Day at the Old Plympton Railway Station, corner of Marion Road and Mooringe Avenue.

The removal of the train line has altered the contemporary landscape of the area as one can see from the existence of the multiple reserves and parklands located on the original train line site.

We are holding archaeological site survey demonstrations and a BBQ, so come down today between noon and 4pm to meet us and join in.

Survey questions:

What is the heritage significance (if any) of the Old Plympton Railway Station and the Westside Bikeway (local, state, national) and is this significance reflected in the effectiveness of established conservation and preservation strategies?

What role does public involvement in the survey play in determining these significances?

What is the most effective site survey technique to answer the above questions?

Aims of the survey:

  • to contribute to an understanding of past uses of the site;
  • to contribute to an understanding of contemporary uses of the site;
  • to assist in assessing the effectiveness of established preservation and conservation strategies; and
  • to determine whether further research needs to be undertaken in regards to understanding the local, state and national significances of the site.


  • Pedestrian surveys to determine focus areas and site boundaries;
  • Detailed photography of key features;
  • Baseline-offset surveys of specific focus areas within the site;
  • Dumpy survey of entire site; and
  • Total station survey of the site, to acquire a broad, yet detailed site plan.
Old Plympton Railway Station Platform and Westside Bikeway

We will be updating our blog throughout the day, so stay tuned!

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