Pub Crawl Theme Survey Results

Recently we asked you what theme you wanted for the upcoming ArchSoc Semester Two Pub Crawl– the results are in! Thank you to those who gave us your suggestions, and for those who voted – a fantastic response of 65 people, which is over 50% of our member base! Here are our top 3 themes…

In 3rd place with with 13.8% of votes: “Keep calm and keep digging”.

In 2nd with 15.4% of votes: “Don’t Panic! I Have a Trowel”

And with 50.2% of votes, our winner is…
HUG AN ARCHAEOLOGIST: THEIR LIFE IS IN RUINS“Thanks again for your input, everyone 🙂 We will be working on the shirt design and will be available, with other pub crawl details soon. Don’t forget to answer our other survey on the benefits of student groups that is still running until the 31st of October.

For a reminder of how spectacular our last Pub Crawl was, click here!