Flinders ArchSoc Calendar Photo Search

Hey ArchSoc-ers!

With only 3 months left of 2012, we were thinking that you are probably going to need a new calendar soon – but who wants another typical calendar with kittens sitting in hats and looking confused? So we have a proposition for you: this year, we would like to launch our first Flinders Archaeological Society calendar in hopes that, in its success, we can continue a new line of merchandise.

But we would like YOU to help us out. We are looking for 12 photos to put into Flinders ArchSoc desk calendars which will be available for purchase by 2013. The 12 winning pictures will be published in our calendar – one picture per month.

For those going on field schools soon, this is the PERFECT opportunity for some great shots, so don’t miss out!

We encourage everyone from all disciplines, states and countries to enter; after all, we will be judging the quality and content of the picture as long as it is ARCHAEOLOGY-related. We are open to different kinds of images, as long as they comply with the conditions. Here are a few suggestions of what we might be looking for to get you inspired:
· Site pictures
· Field, or lab work in progress
· Artistic images/photo-manipulation (yes, get creative!)
· “Just for Fun” – silly pictures involving archaeology, or archaeologists

Please send your entries to:, in a high-quality (approximately 5-6MB) readable picture format (preferably JPEG, PNG, or BMP), with your name and caption.

Closing date for entries is Friday, 12th of October.

Any queries, please feel free to ask! Good luck and have fun!