Hug an Archaeologist: Our Lives are in Ruins. Pub Crawl #2 2012

We wish to announce the 2nd semester’s ArchSoc pubcrawl for 2012, which will be held in North Adelaide! This semester’s theme was voted by you as the most popular theme: “Our Lives Are In Ruins” – get it?

Because…the ruins…and…it’s funny.


Anyway. We’ve been busy little bees, and are pleased to say that most details are available, namely the pubs and drink specials – you may find them below:

7pm – 9pm: The Archer Hotel
For between $6-$7, you can get:
– an RPG (a mixer, e.g. Vodka Cruiser, or Smirnoff);
– spirits; OR
– schooner of beer, or a stubby

9pm -10pm: The Daniel O’Connell Hotel
– $5.50 pints of Carlton Draft, or Pale Ale
– $5.50 Vodka + mixer
– another possible special TBA

10pm – 11pm: The Oxford Hotel
– $5.50 Coronas
– $6.00 pints of Little Creatures Cider
– $5.00 Vodka + mixer
– $3 schooners of Super Dry
– $3.50 5 Seeds Cider
– $6.00 pints of Golden Ales
– $6.00 Wounded Bull cocktails

11pm – 12 midnight: The Caledonian
– $4.00 Carlton Dry pints
– $4.00 Cascade Light

You can buy a shirt (even if you’re not going on the pub crawl) here.