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Flinders Ranges Trip applications!

Dear ArchSoc-ers,
We are pleased to announce one more exclusive, members only, field trip for 2012: a three day adventure in the fabulous Flinders Ranges!
This trip will run from Saturday the 17th of November to Monday the 19th of November and will give you the chance to check out some incredible Indigenous and historical archaeological sites in an organised tour with other amazing ArchSoc-ers by your side.
Using Hawker as our base we will venture out to ruins and rock shelters, climb up mountains and through canyons in one of South Australia’s most picturesque and beautiful places.
But numbers are strictly limited…
So what do you need to do to be considered for this fabulous trip?
Please submit an application to:

You will need to tell us, in about 200 words, why you should be chosen, if you have ever been to the Flinders Ranges before, and how you have contributed to ArchSoc this year (e.g. assisting at events, writing for the newsletter, etc.). We will also need to know if you have a car suitable for carpooling (lots of space, fuel efficient, decent range per tank) and if you are able to supply your own tent as we will be sharing; 2 to a tent. It won’t be an issue if you don’t have one  though.

We estimate a fixed cost of $35 per person to cover accommodation, park entry, and most meals. We will also be heavily subsidising fuel. You will need to supply Saturday’s picnic lunch, Sunday dinner (which we will eat out), and cover a portion of any additional petrol costs (shared with the others in your car). In addition, Monday morning will give you the option to participate in a choice of excellent activities, such as horse-riding and 4WD’ing, which may include additional costs. Other activities such as climbing Rawnsley’s Bluff, will be completely free. This adds up to a total average cost of around $70-$100 per person depending on activities and appetites.
We apologise for the late notice, but it would be great to see some applications come in soon!