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Movember :{)

Hey there Mo-bros and Mo-sistas!

The Flinders Archaeological Society has decided to change the face of men’s health, and will be getting involved with this year’s Movember! But we need your help… Not only are we looking for donations (all of which will be going to charity), but we are looking for more bros and sistas to join our team: The Flinders Archaeological Mo-ciety!

Just click hereand you will be taken to our team Mo-ciety page where you can donate, join, or do both! Feel free to share this link to friends and family, or use this page as the source of all links. Feel free to get involved whenever you’d like, and Antoinette will put the link to you page here.

Our team mo-mbers so far:

Antoinette Hennessy (captain):

Andrew Wilkinson:

Jordan Ralph:

Our logo for Movember