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ArchSoc AGM: Committee reports, proxies and DigIt! revival

The Flinders ArchSoc 2012 AGM is this Thursday at 2pm in SSS149 on campus.

We request the attendance of all Fee-paying, Associate and Life Members at this meeting.
ArchSoc will be supplying beer, wine and pizza for the meeting. Some of us will be going out for dinner afterwards if you would like to come with us, all welcome (details TBA at the meeting).
I have attached the Agenda for the Flinders Archaeological Society’s Annual General Meeting 2012 that consists of the annual reports of the Executive and General committees, along with their recommendations. We will be voting on the recommendations made in these reports, so please read them before coming to the meeting. The agenda also includes nominations for Life Membership, nominations for the 2013 Executive and General committees and other business.
If you cannot attend the meeting, our Constitution states that you can nominate a proxy to attend, speak and vote on your behalf. Your vote will be added to the vote of your proxy. To nominate a proxy, send an email to Scott (jaco0118@flinders.edu.au) outlining who you are nominating to vote on your behalf. Scott will verify your membership and the membership of your proxy. Only Fee-paying, Associate and Life Members are eligible to vote and act as a proxy and proxies will only be accepted if Scott has received notification of this by midday Thursday 8th November. Candidates running for the Executive committee (Andrew Wilkinson, Nessa Beasley, Holly Winter, Samantha Fidge and Antoinette Hennessy) are ineligible to act as a proxy for another but can nominate a proxy to vote on their behalf should they be unable to attend the meeting. If you would like to nominate a proxy, but are unsure of who to nominate, then choose someone from the committee, but make sure they are attending the meeting. Contacts can be found here: flindersarchsoc.com/contactus
Voting will be by secret ballot in the case of multiple persons running for the same position.
It is important for members to attend the meeting if possible so that we meet quorum. If you cannot attend, then please, nominate a proxy.
The final thing I wish to announce is that ArchSoc will be relaunching ‘DigIt!’ at our AGM on Thursday. If you would like your own copy (members only), hot off the press, come to the AGM and pick it up!