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Antoinette Hennessy: Recipient of the 2012 ArchSoc Andrew Allen-Farr Award

By Jordan Ralph


The recipient of the 2012 ArchSoc Andrew Allen-Farr Award is Antoinette Hennessy. Antoinette is an asset to the Society and exemplifies the traits of Andrew Allen-Farr in every project she undertakes for the Society. Her commitment to ArchSoc in 2012 was unmatched by any other member of the Society, and it was through her dedication, coupled with the work of her colleagues, that 2012 was as successful as it was. In short, Antoinette is one of the critical members that ensured ArchSoc grew to the level it did in 2012, in terms of membership, public outreach and community involvement. Antoinette has been involved with the ArchSoc committee since early in her undergraduate degree and has fulfilled roles such as Social Coordinator, Public Relations Officer and she currently holds the position of Treasurer. Chances are that if you own a Flinders ArchSoc t-shirt from the last five years, Antoinette did the design. On behalf of the Flinders Archaeological Society, I would like to thank Antoinette for her long-term commitment to the Society and while she was not able to make it to the awards ceremony, I hope that she has a fantastic trip to the Philippines to visit her family.