Dig It, From the Dig It Archives

History of ArchSoc: From the Dig It Archives


In May, the Flinders ArchSoc will be celebrating everything historical for About Time: South Australia’s History Festival.

In conjunction with the beginning of About Time next Wednesday the 1st of May, we will be launching our new blogging project ‘From the Dig It Archives’ to create an understanding and express an appreciation for the history of our Society.

Starting with Dig It 1, 1997, we will post articles from each of the fifteen issues of the original series of our newsletter, Dig It, to our blog, focusing on a new issue each week.

Join us in celebrating the history of the Flinders ArchSoc! You can subscribe to our blog for updates via the button to the right. If you have any stories or memories from our c.23 year existence, please share them with us.

The articles we will be sharing include:

  • Field work in Port Lincoln, SA
  • Excursion to the Coorong
  • The Digger’s Plate: The annual Archaeology Society vs. Palaeontology Society cricket match
  • Staff profile: Claire Smith
  • Gender Games: Do the men still win in archaeology?
  • Archaeological dig site simulation at Flinders University, South Australia
  • Inaugural National Archaeology Students Conference 1998
  • Field trip to Barunga
  • History of the Flinders ArchSoc
  • History – Hertory – Theirtory: Brief background of the Flinders University Archaeological Society
  • ArchSoc Quiz Night
  • Reflections on the past: A non-archaeological perspective
  • Feedback: Returning knowledge and artefacts to the people of Kundat Djaru (Ringer Soak) community
  • An (interesting) note from the editor (2000) and a (even more interesting) letter from Vincent Megaw
  • Disreputable character
  • NASC 2000
  • WAC-5 World Archaeological Congress set to “dig-in”
  • The Society for Underwater Historical Research (SUHR) Star of Greece Survey
  • They were the best of times….. Well, they were the best of times (AKA Indigenous Archaeology Field School 2002)
  • Forensic Archaeology at Flinders University
  • Study Abroad: Leicester University, United Kingdom
  • WAC-5 FU Archaeology Society invades Washington DC

Come along to our About Time and National Archaeology Week events, Meet the Archaeologists Night and Archaeology Revealed, at the end of May!