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Meet the Archaeologists Night 2013

As part of About Time: South Australia’s History Festival (#AT2013) and National Archaeology Week (#NAW13), the Flinders ArchSoc is hosting another Meet the Archaeologists Night (#MTAN13). Last year, over 80 people attended the event and came out in support of About Time, NAW and South Australian Heritage in general to hear presentations by South Australian archaeologists.

The archaeologists, including Dr Wendy van Duivenvoorde, Dr Robert Stone and Ms Catherine Bland of the Flinders University Archaeology Department and Associate Professor Neale Draper of Australian Cultural Heritage Management Pty Ltd, will give an exclusive insight into their exciting projects, such as the archaeology of early Dutch maritime explorers, excavations at Pella, Jordan, the analysis of Indigenous stone artefacts, and cultural heritage management. The audience will have the chance to hear about these projects, meet the presenters and ask questions about their research.

Professor Claire Smith, Head of the Flinders University Archaeology Department said that it is important to increase public understandings of Australian archaeology. ‘We all read about Classical and Middle-eastern archaeology, but how many Australians really know what projects are happening in their own backyard?’ Professor Smith asked. ‘It’s fantastic that the Flinders ArchSoc is going to such lengths to ensure this issue is overcome’.

Mr Andrew Wilkinson, President of the Archaeological Society said that the purpose of this event is to open the dialogue between the public and archaeologists. ‘This is a rare opportunity for people to connect with real archaeologists and find out what we really do, because archaeologists are often depicted by Hollywood as adventurers and treasure seekers and developers see archaeology as a hindrance to progress. The reality of archaeological adventure is very much different to these perceptions. This event is an opportunity to uncover the benefits communities gain from archaeological work, to unearth the variety of skills and techniques we employ on sites, and discover where South Australian archaeologists are working in Australia and around the globe’, Mr Wilkinson said. ‘This will be the second time we have held a ‘Meet the Archaeologists Night’, last year we had over 90 people attend and come out in support of About Time, National Archaeology Week and archaeology in general’.

People of all ages are encouraged to attend this event, which will be held in North Theatre 1, Humanities Road, Flinders University, Bedford Park between 6.30pm and 9pm on Friday 24th of May. Light refreshments will be provided and bookings are required by contacting Nessa Beasley on 0422 065 405 or

What Meet the Archaeologists Night

When 6.30-9pm Friday 24th May

Where North Theatre 1, Humanities Road, Flinders University, Bedford Park

Twitter: #MTAN13

National Archaeology Week runs from 19 – 25 May 2013

About Time is held from 1 – 31 May 2013.

Here are some photos from last year’s event: