Special General Meeting, 12th March 2014

The Flinders ArchSoc is holding a Special General Meeting on Wednesday the 12th of March at 5.30pm in Humanities Room 133. ArchSoc will be supplying pizza, beer, wine, juice and soft drink after the meeting.

We request the attendance of all Fee-paying, Associate and Life Members at this meeting. Please remember that all 2013 memberships will expire on the 31st of March this year. You can purchase 2014 membership for $15 from our O Week stall 24th-28th February on the plaza or online via You can also join or re-join at the SGM.


If you cannot attend the meeting, our Constitution states that you can nominate a proxy to attend, speak and vote on your behalf at general meetings and you can do that by filling out the attached form. Your vote will be added to the vote of your proxy. To nominate a proxy, fill out the attached form and email it back to me (Holly) at I will verify your membership and the membership of your proxy. Only Fee-paying, Associate and Life Members are eligible to vote and act as a proxy and proxies will only be accepted if I have received the form by noon Wednesday 12th March. If you would like to nominate a proxy, but are unsure of who to nominate, then choose someone from the committee, but make sure they are attending the meeting. Contacts can be found here.


1.     Adopting changes to the constitution (proposed changes attached)
2.     Electing the new committee
3.     Sponsoring NASC
4.     Discussion about the exciting events and projects ArchSoc is organising for 2014 (and introduction to what ArchSoc is/does for the new students)

If anybody has other business to discuss, please make sure I have received it by 12 noon on Wednesday the 12th of March. Due to time limitations, items that have not been submitted by the deadline will not be discussed in this meeting. Similarly, if anyone would like to nominate themselves or a friend, please send me an email. There is no deadline for nominations as members can be nominated for positions during the meeting.

New Committee

We are looking for enthusiastic, proactive, positive current students to run for positions on the committee. General positions and responsibilities can be found here, under regulations for general committee. Executive positions and responsibilities can be found in our constitution here. Voting will be by secret ballot in the case of multiple persons running for the same position.

Available positions
Executive Committee:
·         President
·         Vice President
·         Secretary
·         Treasurer
General Committee:
·         Membership officer
·         Public relations officer
·         Risk adviser
·         Publications editor
·         Social coordinator
·         Up to 5 x general representatives

It is important for members to attend the meeting if possible so that we meet quorum. If you cannot attend, then please, nominate a proxy. I have also attached the proposed changes to the constitution for review before the SGM. We will only go through individual changes if requested at the meeting.​

Kind Regards,
Holly Winter
ArchSoc Secretary 2013