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Recipients of ArchSoc’s 2013 Awards

ArchSoc announced the recipients of the 2013 awards at the Department of Archaeology’s award ceremony earlier in the year. The recipients of the awards are as follows:

The ArchSoc Andrew Allen-Farr Award

The Andrew Allen-Farr Award is presented annually to the ArchSoc member who made the most outstanding contribution to ArchSoc in the award year and demonstrated the qualities that distinguished Andrew Allen-Farr, namely:

• A positive commitment to archaeology;
• The ability to further the public awareness of archaeology in this state in a friendly and forthright manner
• An outstanding amount of time and effort freely contributed to the Archaeological Society as well as archaeology in general; and
• A commitment to improving the university experience of fellow students.

The recipient of the Andrew Allen-Farr award for 2013 is Dianne Riley.

Dianne has shown an active interest in ArchSoc from 2011, when she first inquired about membership with the Society. She has since proven herself to be an extremely supportive and valuable member of ArchSoc, and as a committee member this year. She is arguably one of the Society’s most active members; willingly volunteering for different events and times when an active work body is needed (which is almost always the case). Consequently this has made her one of the Society’s most reliable members.

Dianne volunteered her time at most, if not all Archaeology Department seminars, including public seminars by shopping for food and drinks to serve to guests AND hanging around to clean up afterwards. This in itself is no mean feat. As mentioned in the introduction, Dianne has volunteered her time to help others organise a great deal of things, including (but not limited to): the policy and constitution subcommittee, organising seminar catering, NAW events, field trip to Belair National Park, ArchSoc’s 21st Birthday Party, most of ArchSoc’s fundraising events, such as bake sales and stalls at O Weeks, Open Days and Club Fair Days.

In archaeology in general, she constantly volunteers and gets involved with field work and research opportunities related to the discipline, including travelling overseas earlier in the year for an ongoing project being conducted in Italy. All the while, she constantly considers ArchSoc and tries to promote the Society positively to colleagues and passers-by.

Dianne has also done a tremendous job as ArchSoc’s membership officer in maintaining the Society’s membership database. ArchSoc’s large, and constantly growing member base requires a large amount of time and effort in ensuring that the records are kept updated and all necessary details are available – these records are not only important for the Society to retain for references (Dig It mailout, statistics, etc.), but also as a requirement for FUSA with whom the Society is affiliated.

Dianne is a caring, positive, proactive, generous and thoughtful person who has given so much of her time and energy to the Society this year. All of the events Dianne has been involved with this year had the aim of improving the university experience for ArchSoc and in saying that, everything that Dianne has done in terms of those events has been in an effort to improve the University experience of students.

The ArchSoc Members Award for Service to the Society

This award is presented to up to three ArchSoc members who demonstrated the greatest contribution to the Society in terms of volunteering, fundraising, advertising or otherwise furthering the objects of ArchSoc during the awarded year.

The recipients of the Members Award for 2013 are Celeste Jordan, Vanessa Sullivan and Tyler Whitmarsh.

The Ruth and Vincent Megaw Award for Outstanding Collaboration in Archaeological Research and Practice

The inaugural Ruth and Vincent Megaw Award for Outstanding Collaboration in Archaeological Research and Practice will be presented prior to the Inaugural Ruth and Vincent Megaw Annual Lecture in Archaeology and Art. Nominations for this award are open and will close by COB Thursday 10th April.  More information, including the nomination form, can be found by clicking the link in the title above.