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Dig it 2014-2: Call for Papers

Dear colleagues,

The editing committee of Dig It is delighted to invite students and recent graduates from all around the world to submit a contribution for consideration in our 2014/2 edition, to appear in December 2014.

Dig It is a student-run, peer-reviewed journal of the Flinders Archaeological Society. The purpose of Dig It is to provide students, from undergrad through to postgrad and recent graduates, with the opportunity to practise and familiarise themselves with writing, publishing, editing and the reviewing process involved in professional publications. In addition, it aims to keep future and starting archaeologists connected and informed about what is happening in the archaeological community.

Dig It accepts original research articles, research essays, personal opinion pieces, book reviews, field reports and thesis abstracts. You can access the last issue here: http://issuu.com/flindersarchsoc/docs/dig_it_draft_layout_final1.0_online/0

Details on submitting can be found here: https://flindersarchsoc.org/digit/guidelinesforcontributors/.Please mind that we will not process papers that fail to meet the guidelines.

All contributions are reviewed by the editors and a panel of reviewers; however original research articles and essays additionally undergo a stricter and anonymous peer review process also involving external experts.

We welcome contributions from local, interstate and international undergrad and postgrad students and recent graduates. If you want to contribute a research article or essay to Dig It 2014/2, please send us an abstract of 200 words. For personal opinion pieces, book reviews and thesis abstracts, an informal expression of interest is sufficient (just email the editor).

We especially warmly invite undergrad students to contribute to our next issue. Even if you do not yet have an own research project to write about, you write a review of a new(-ish) book you read recently, or maybe write a short research essay in form of a literature review about a topic that you recently became interested in?

The abstract deadline for original research papers and research essays is 4th August 2014, shortly after which the editing committee of Dig It will inform you about whether or not your contribution will be considered. The deadline for submission of papers will be 4th September, and revision period in October. Abstracts should be emailed to dig.it@flindersarchsoc.org.

Looking forward to lots of inspiring contributions,

Jana Rogasch, editor

Matthew Ebbs, co-editor (academic reviews)

Antoinette Hennessy, co-editor (social columnist)

Jordan Ralph, co-editor (layout and interviews)