2015 Pub Crawl Themes Wanted!

Hot on the heels of a new semester, ArchSoc is happy to announce that September the 18th will see the return of its pub crawl!

We want to revisit an idea from previous years by turning it over to you, our members, to come up with an awesome theme to frame the night.

FYI: themes will need to:
a) not include copyrighted names or words
b) not inference alcohol; the shirts make their way to sites the world over, and we want to be sensitive to the customs and beliefs of different cultures.

Previous years has seen such gems as:
‘The A(rchaeology)-Team’
‘Every Day I’m Shovellin”
‘Hug an Archaeologist; Our Lives are in Ruins’

Ideas will need to be in by THIS FRIDAY, So get thinking!

Details on venues and times are soon to come.

-Events Committee.