Theme Ideas for the 2015 ArchSoc Pub Crawl

As you might know, ArchSoc has yet to hold a pub crawl this year. But all is not lost. A pub crawl shall be held on the 18th of September. Details about venues and t-shirt prices will soon follow. There is, however, one problem that must be addressed; The awesome theme. This is where we need your help as members. We wish for you to contribute any ideas for a theme for this years pub crawl. There are, however, two criteria that need to be taken in consideration for your theme idea:

a) not include copyrighted names or words
b) not inference alcohol; the shirts make their way to sites around the world, and we want to be sensitive to different customs and beliefs.

Previous years have seen such gems as:
‘The A(rchaeology)-Team
‘Every Day I’m Shovellin”
‘Hug an Archaeologist; Our Lives are in Ruins’

Theme ideas must be in by THIS FRIDAY. Voting of themes will be conducted by you on Monday the 10th of August. Feel free to email us, Facebook us or tweet us your ideas.