ArchSoc’s 2015 AGM Wrap-Up

Thank you to all members who came out to support ArchSoc at the AGM, including those who attended via proxy and sent us their apologies. It was pleasing to see so many of our members come out and support the ArchSoc yesterday, particularly our more junior members. We encourage you to consider joining the committee in 2017.

The meeting kicked off with the presentation of our new plaque for the Ruth and Vincent Megaw Award for Outstanding Collaboration in Archaeological Research and Practice. Thank you to Vincent, who presented the plaque to Cherrie De Leiuen and Susan Arthure. Congratulations to the very deserving recipients of this award. The award stands as a reminder of the importance of collaboration in our discipline. The plaque will hang alongside the plaques for the Andrew Allen-Farr Award and Honorary Life Members in the Humanities corridor.

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During the AGM, we ratified many extensive changes to our Constitution and our Regulations for General Committee. ArchSoc has overhauled the way the committee operates, with one of the major transformations being the renaming of positions to create a more representative body of archaeology students. The executive positions remain unchanged, however, the general committee now consists of First Year Representative; Second Year Representative; Third Year Representative; Postgraduate and Other Member Representative; External Student Representative; Dig It Editor; and Field Work Coordinator.

Additionally, we adopted a Five Year Strategic Plan, which was drafted following a consultation forum with ArchSoc members in November 2015. The plan extends through to 2020 and gives successive committees a blueprint with which to direct and govern ArchSoc during that period. The issues that the Strategic Plan covers include leadership retention and conferral of operational knowledge; communication; membership stability; broader revenue streams; and various issues surrounding the criteria for Honorary Life Membership and alumni memberships.

Fortunately, ArchSoc has already addressed one of the concerns highlighted in the Strategic Plan: Honorary Life Memberships. ArchSoc adopted a clearer, more precise eligibility criteria, as well as a more formal and transparent nomination and voting procedure. These changes will ensure this honour remains a prestigious one and consolidates its integrity.

ArchSoc would like to congratulate our two newest Honorary Life Members: Leah Puletama and Antoinette Hennessy.

Finally, congratulations to the new ArchSoc committee for 2016. It is quite evident that from next year ArchSoc will greet a new generation of leaders, who will direct the Society over the coming years. The new committee consists of:

President Chelsea Wiseman
Vice President Jacob Gwiazdzinski
Treasurer Rachel Hagan
Secretary Amber Parrington
Dig It Editor Kathleen Gorey
Field Work Coordinator Meg Haas
First Year Representative To be elected after O’ Week 2016
Second Year Representative Mae White
Third Year Representative Angela Gurr
Postgraduate and Other Member Representative Jacinta Koolmatrie
External Student Representative Ben Steyne