Celebrating ArchSoc’s Past Committee Members

Being part of the ArchSoc committee can be a deeply rewarding experience, which aids in personal growth and professional development. On the one hand, it is great to see the events and initiatives that you and your fellow committee members have put so much time and effort into having a positive effect on other students; while on the other hand it is occasionally a thankless task. While we have the Andrew Allen-Farr Award and Honorary Life Membership to acknowledge the significant contributions of individuals, it was recently pointed out to us that we do not do a great job of celebrating or congratulating those who have moved on from the committee after volunteering their time and energy to meet the Society’s goals.

Indeed, some of our past committee members are award recipients and Honorary Life Members, however, this post is about showing that we are deeply grateful for the contributions and commitments—both great and small—that all of our past committee members have rendered to ArchSoc. Without the many people who have stepped up and volunteered their time to drive ArchSoc over the years (often sacrificing time with family, friends, or undertaking study), it would not exist as it does today.

While it is near impossible to name every person who has been elected to the ArchSoc committee since its conception, we would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge all of the ArchSoc committee members from 1992–2015 and thank them, unreservedly, for their service to ArchSoc. You can find a near-complete list of past committee members here.

Achievements of the 2015 committee

This next section is the first of what we hope to be a permanent fixture at the end of each year. What better way to highlight the achievements and efforts of committee members than through the committee reports? Each year our committee members write a report detailing the events and initiatives they undertook in relation to their roles during the course of the year. ArchSoc has undertaken to produce such reports since 2012 and you can find these reports by clicking the links below.

2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015

In the words of 2015 President Dianne Riley, this year has been about change and consolidation (President’s Address, Dig It Volume 3 2015). Change because not only is the Flinders Bedford Park campus undergoing significant redevelopment (resulting in ArchSoc’s loss of access to our previous office, the archaeology Map Room), but also because we successfully amended several of ArchSoc’s governing documents, which will impact on the operational future of ArchSoc; and consolidation because we were again able to offer so much to our members in the way of professional development and social networking as well as fulfil our commitment to offering the long-standing events, such as Meet the Archaeologists, the Quiz Night and the pub crawl. In all, it is without doubt that 2015 was another successful year and we would like to take this opportunity to thank the outgoing committee members for their time and dedication.

Following the 2015 Annual General Meeting, a few ArchSoc members attended some celebratory drinks and an informal dinner at the Edinburgh Hotel in Mitcham. After dinner, we raised a toast to Dianne in recognition of her contribution and leadership as the 2015 President, and to the outgoing committee of 2015, without whom the success of the year would not have been possible.

For more on the efforts of the 2015 committee, please see the committee reports above.

Among the outgoing committee members of 2015 are many people who have served on the ArchSoc committee for several years. We give thanks to the outgoing committee members here, congratulate them on their achievements during their time in office and wish them well in their future endeavours:

  • Rhiannon Agutter (Social Coordinator: 2010; President: 2011; Secretary/Publications Editor: 2012; General Representative: 2013, 2015)
  • Matthew Ebbs (General Representative: 2015)
  • Adeena Fowke (Public Relations Officer: 2014, 2015)
  • Owen Hems (General Representative: 2014; Membership Officer: 2015)
  • Matthew Hornsby (General Representative: 2015)
  • Celeste Jordan (General Representative: 2014, 2015)
  • Jordan Ralph (General Representative: 2011; President: 2012; Publications Editor: 2013, 2015)
  • Dianne Riley (Membership Officer: 2013; President: 2014, 2015)
  • Jana Rogasch (Publications Editor: 2014; Field Work Coordinator: 2015)
  • Virginia Ward (General Representative: 2015)

Finally, we would also like to congratulate the following 2015 committee members who were elected to the following positions for 2016: Chelsea Wiseman (President), Jacob Gwiazdzinski (Vice President), and Kathleen Gorey (Dig It Editor).