2015 FUSA Club Awards

Following the 2015 FUSA Club Awards, ArchSoc is honoured to receive the Flinders University Student Association’s Best Club Award for the second year in a row. We have also received the ‘Inanimate Carbon Rod Award’ for the best merchandise line of ArchSocks!

The Society has had a highly active and productive year in 2015. We hosted the annual Diggers Shield – a cricket match between the Palaeontological Society and Archaeological Society. This year, the event was held in honour of the Palaeontological Society’s former president, James Moore, who was tragically killed in a car accident last year. In April, our Graduand Celebration for graduating archaeology students and their families was an immense success, offering an excellent opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of our students. We have also held some excellent social events, including a pub crawl and a quiz night. This year, we have also run several workshops in order to allow students to develop their fieldwork skills. In addition, Dig It will be publishing its 2015 issue soon, offering students the opportunity to gain experience in the publication process.

We would like to thank all of our volunteers and committee members past and present. You have been crucial to all our endeavours and we thank you for your ongoing support and commitment. We would also like to recognise the superb leadership of 2014/2015 president Dianne Riley, who has been integral to the Society’s accomplishments in the past two years.