Dig It

Available now! Dig It Volume 3, May 2016

Volume three of the Flinders Archaeological Society’s journal, Dig It, is now published on our website. It is open access, so you may download the full-text .pdf of the volume, or you may read it in your browser using our web app, ISSUU, available at the link above.

Dig It is fast becoming a global journal for archaeology students and recent graduates. Despite being based in Adelaide, Australia, this volume includes papers by authors from Argentina, Australia, Nigeria, Romania and the United Kingdom. The diversity and breadth of the theories, topics, and sites that our authors write about is a testament to a growing attitude of global collaboration and dialogue in archaeology.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our contributors, referees*, editors and supporters, without whom this volume would not have been possible.

While volume three is now available digitally, it will be available in print from Friday 18th May. If you would like your copy posted to you, please let us know via dig.it@flindersarchsoc.org. Please note, only ArchSoc members and those who have contributed to this volume may receive a printed copy. Become a member today.

Finally, we encourage all students, regardless of their geographical location, to consider writing for Dig It—we want to know what students are researching across the globe. Our advice for future contributors is to make sure your contribution is grounded in current academic literature and deals with a specific topic or question. We look forward to receiving many more contributions from students and recent graduates and to helping them refine their research for publication. Please get in touch with us if you would like to publish in Dig It. There will be a formal call for papers for the next volume in the coming days.

*A list of all referees will be published on our website.