The ArchSoc Andrew Allen-Farr Award


  1. The name of the prize shall be the ArcHSoc Andrew Allen-Farr Award.
  2. The total value of the prize shall be $100.
  3. The recipient shall be both a current student at Flinders University and a current member of the Flinders University Archaeology and History Society (ArcHSoc), but cannot be its current President, a member of the award panel, or a previous recipient of the award.
  4. The prize shall be awarded annually at the Archaeology Department’s award ceremony – unless the award panel have judged that no suitable nominations have been received – to the nominee they consider to have made the most outstanding contribution to ArchSoc that year and demonstrated the qualities that distinguished Andrew Allen-Farr, namely:
    • A positive commitment to archaeology;
    • The ability to further the public awareness of archaeology in this state in a friendly and forthright manner
    • An outstanding amount of time and effort freely contributed to the Archaeological Society as well as archaeology in general; and
    • A commitment to improving the university experience of fellow students.
  5. Nominations must be submitted in writing to the current President, along with suitable justification, using the criteria outlined in paragraph 4 as a guide.
  6. The recipient of the prize shall be determined by a panel of four (4) current ArcHSoc members, including at least the current President and one other committee member. The remaining two (2) positions of the award panel are to be appointed by the executive committee and must be filled by two (2) current members of ArcHSoc who do not serve on the committee.
  7. Only current members of ArcHSoc are permitted to nominate and be nominated for the award. Members may nominate as many other members as they like, and all nominations are equal in weighting. Members cannot nominate themselves.
  8. The current President of ArcHSoc will collect the nominations and distribute them to the award panel. The panel will make a judgement based on the quality of each nomination and award the prize to the most suitable nominee – or not at all if the award panel deems the nominations to be unsuitable.
  9. All costs in awarding the prize shall be covered by ArcHSoc.

Nomination form (please download the form and save it to your desktop before you make any changes):

Andrew Allen-Farr Award nomination form

About the award:

For those who did not know Andrew Allen-Farr, he was an enthusiastic student who’s life was tragically cut short in a swimming accident in January 2008. Andrew’s passion for archaeology and his dedication to the Flinders Archaeological Society in the past has ensured the group grow in strength in 2008 and continue for future years.

Previous recipients:

2008: Kelly Michael

2009: Lynda Bignell

2010: Cassandra Morris, Andrew Wilkinson

2011: Rebekah-Christine Leonardos

2012: Antoinette Hennessy

2013: Dianne Riley

2014: Jana Rogasch

2015: Not awarded

2016: Jordan Ralph

2017: Grace Dennis-Toone

2018: To be updated

2019: Alex Watson and Mae Stace

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