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New Year, New Opportunities

Port Arthur Volunteer Experience

ArchSoc Newsletter Issue One, Semester One

Artefact Cleaning, Cataloguing and Photography in a World Heritage Site.

Port Arthur Fundraising & A Huge Success!

April Field Season. Good Luck!

Port Arthur &; Day One &; Two &; Touring Port Arthur and Lab Inductions

Port Arthur &; Day Three &; In the lab

Port Arthur &; Day Four &; Lab and Field

Port Arthur &; Day Five &; Touring the Greater Port Arthur Area

Port Arthur &; Day Six &; Back in the Port Arthur Archaeology Laboratory

Port Arthur & Day Seven &; Last Day of the Laboratory Work

The Port Arthur Team

Flagging Tape, Body Bags, Witches Hats and a Mud Die – Improvisation in the Fields of Redbanks

Searching the Land of Nothing

A Plethora of Pin Flags

From red dirt to Redbanks… and back again

Background noise: a double edged sword

ArchSoc’s Port Arthur Field Trip

Old Plympton Railway Station: Mud Map

Old Plympton Railway Station: Photography

Old Plympton Railway Station: End of the Survey

Old Plympton Railway Station: Site Surveys

Old Plympton Railway Station: Timeline of Major Events

Old Plympton Railway Station: Historical Background

Old Plympton Railway Station: Aims of the Survey

Who will receive a Royal Pardon and who will be sent to the gallows?

Day of Archaeology (Semester One in Review)

The Benefits of Student Groups: A Regional Perspective

Flinders Archsocks lab report.

Seven Stars Hotel, Redbanks: The pub with no beer, no bar, no evidence…

ArchSoc AGM: Committee reports, proxies and DigIt! revival

The Archaeology of Australian Stone Artefacts: #FlindersRocks pre-class twitter feed

The Archaeology of Australian Stone Artefacts: #FlindersRocks Day 1 Twitter Feed

The Archaeology of Australian Stone Artefacts: #FlindersRocks Day 2 Twitter Feed

The Archaeology of Australian Stone Artefacts: #FlindersRocks Day 3 Twitter Feed

Getting WAC-7 Online

ArchSoc in the Middle East: Flinders volunteers at WAC-7, Jordan


Flinders students part of team to win first International Student Ethics Debate at WAC-7

AAA Conference, Wollongong

Antoinette Hennessy: Recipient of the 2012 ArchSoc Andrew Allen-Farr Award

Congratulations Flinders Archaeology Graduates!

Special General Meeting: 2nd May 2013

Archaeology Revealed

Meet the Archaeologists Night

Outcomes of the Special General Meeting

Meet the Archaeologists Night 2013

Join ArchSoc at Old Government House this Winter

Volunteer opportunity at Old Government House

Photo blog: Survey at Old Government House


Special General Meeting, 12th March 2014

Launch of Claire Smith’s Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology

Inaugural Ruth and Vincent Megaw Annual Lecture in Archaeology and Art, presented by Brian Fagan

Recipients of ArchSoc’s 2013 Awards

Welcome to the 2014 Committee

National Archaeology Week and ArchSoc

Update: Semester 2 2014

Total Station and GPS Workshop 23/08/14

Total Station Workshop 13/09/14

Greater protection for GPS units

Master Class – Writing Book Reviews for Publication

Annual General Meeting 2014, Thursday 27/11/14

Outcomes of the AGM


Welcome to 2015: O Week, awards, and a new committee on board!

Book sale fundraiser for the James Moore Memorial Scholarship

Diggers Shield Cricket Match – This Saturday!

Flinders Archaeology Graduate Celebration 2015

May workshops and more

Using the total station – a workshop with Rob Koch

Honorary Life Member: Leah Puletama

Honorary Life Member: Antoinette Hennessy

ArchSoc’s 2015 AGM Wrap-Up

Celebrating ArchSoc’s Past Committee Members

2015 FUSA Club Awards


Meet the Archaeologists and Archaeology Students 2016