Dig It: the Journal of the Flinders Archaeology and History Society

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Dig It is a student-run journal and the official newsletter of the Flinders Archaeology and History Society. The publication began in 1997 and after a hiatus of at least five years, it was relaunched in 2012. The new series began in 2013. The purpose of Dig It is to provide students, from undergrad through to postgrad and recent graduates, with the opportunity to practise and familiarise themselves with writing, publishing, editing and the reviewing process involved in professional publications. It aims to offer emerging young academics with an avenue to engage with archaeological dialogues and discourse. In addition, it aims to keep aspiring archaeologists connected and informed about what is happening in the archaeological community.

Dig It is now published annually and is printed at Flinders Press. Dig It considers a range of contributions, including research articles, essays, personal accounts/opinion pieces, book reviews and thesis abstracts for publication. We welcome contributions from local, interstate and international undergrad and postgrad students and recent graduates.

All contributions are reviewed by the editors and a panel of reviewers; however original research articles and research essays additionally undergo a stricter and anonymous peer review process also involving external experts. Reviewers can be of any academic status; however young academics are preferred in agreement with the mission statement of Dig It as providing the opportunity for professional training to students.

The guidelines for contributors can be found here: https://flindersarchsoc.org/digit/guidelinesforcontributors/.

Correspondence to the Editor should be addressed to:

The Editor, Dig It c/o ArchSoc
Department of Archaeology
Flinders University
GPO Box 2100
Adelaide, 5001

or email dig.it@flindersarchsoc.org

Editorial team:

Editor: Grace Dennis-Toone

Co-editors: Maeghan Stace, Melissa Peters

Permanent review panel: Marian Bailey, Virginia Ward, Tanya Watkins, Amber Parrington, Meg Haas, Charlotte Looram, Anastasia Bennett.

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