Dig It Volume 1.1 | February 2013

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The Flying Dutchman reaches port: Part one
Vincent Megaw
Download .pdf here

The latest discovery of a Neolithic human burial in Gua Harimau, Lenggong Valley, Malaysia
Hsiao Mei Goh
Download .pdf here

The benefits of student groups: A regional perspective
Jordan Ralph, Antoinette Hennessy, Vanessa Beasley and Rhiannon Agutter
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Personal accounts/opinion pieces

To read these articles, download the full issue above, or read it in the browser below

The Flinders Archaeological Society Committee 2013

Oatlands Summer Archaeology Program

Bamburgh Research Project

Australian Archaeological Association’s Annual Conference: Wollongong, December 2012

ArchSoc to the rescue!

ArchSoc members win WAC-7 International Student Ethics Debate

The ancient city of Jerash, Jordan.

The ArchSoc Andrew Allen-Farr Award.


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