Dig It Volume 1.2 | November 2013

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The Flying Dutchman reaches port: Part two
Vincent Megaw
Download .pdf here

Fourteenth Century Singapore: A case for archaeology within the national narrative
Tse Siang Lim
Download .pdf here

Short contributions

Modern material culture and the omniscient archaeologist
Jessica Lumb

Excavations at Pella, Jordan, 2013
Holly Winter and Bob Stone

Book Reviews

Mali’Buku – Ruŋanmaram: Images from Miliŋinbi (Milingimbi) and Surrounds 1926-1948
M.R. Ebbs

Thesis Abstracts

A technological and functional analysis of the stone artefacts from the archaeological site of Ngaut Ngaut (Devon Downs), South Australia
Catherine Bland

ArchSoc News

  • Archaeology Revealed
  • Meet the Archaeologists Night
  • ArchSoc Neander-crawl
  • Quiz Night 2013
  • Site survey at Belair National Park
  • ArchSoc’s 21st birthday party
  • History Council of SA membership
  • What’s it like to do Honours?


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