Dig It Volume 2.1 | June 2014

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Original research articles

The dead beneath the floor: The use of space for burial in the Dominican Blackfriary, Trim, Co. Meath, Ireland
Emma M. Lagan

The Dilmun burial mounds of Bahrain: An introduction to the site and the importance of awareness raising towards successful preservation
Melanie Münzner

New approaches to the Celtic urbanisation process
Claire Filet

Yup’ik Eskimo kayak miniatures: Preliminary notes on kayaks from the Nunalleq site
Celeste Jordan

The contribution of chert knapped stone studies at Çatalhöyük to notions of territory and group mobility in Prehistoric Central Anatolia
Sonia Ostaptchouk

Figuring out the figurines: Towards the interpretation of Neolithic corporeality in the Republic of Macedonia
Goce Naumov

Research essay

Inert, inanimate, invaluable: How stone artefact analyses have informed of Australia’s past
Simon Munt

Field reports

Kani Shaie archaeological project: New fieldwork in Iraqi Kurdistan
Steve Rennette

A tale of two cities
Ilona Bartsch

Dig It Dialogue

An interview with Brian Fagan
Jordan Ralph


Spencer and Gillen: A journey through Aboriginal Australia
Gary Jackson

The future’s as bright as the smiles: National Archaeology Student Conference 2014
Chelsea Colwell-Pasch

ArchSoc news

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