Dig It Volume 3 | May 2016

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Upfront pieces

What is sacred, what is worth saving, and who gets to choose? Issues of rights and power with Western Australia’s Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972
Elizabeth Vaughan

The importance of insurance: Your brain is important—cover it
Georgia Roberts, Lucia Clayton-Martinez and Megan Berry

Original research articles

Humans and oil palm (Elaeis Guineensis Jacq.) exploitation in Orile-Owu, southwest Nigeria, ca 1450–1640 AD: Archaeo-botanical evidence
Kingsley Chinedu

Macroscopic analysis of the archaeological pottery of hunter-gatherer-fisher groups, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Miranda Rivas Gonzalez and Paula Granda

The effects of the Egyptian Empire on palatial structures of the middle and late Bronze Age southern Levant
Holly Winter

Late-Holocene Indigenous occupation of the Uruguay River (Argentina)
Juan Carlos Castro

New lights on the archaeology of Sungbo’s Eredo, southwestern Nigeria
Olanrewaju B. Lasisi and David A. Aremu

An archaeogeomorphological approach applied in the study of a Chalcolithic civilization from northeastern Romania
Ionut Cristi Nicu 

The nature of food production. How can Australasian evidence contribute to our understanding of the origins of this process and its global adoption by human societies?
Gonzalo Linares Matás

The social, economic and ideological changes that accompanied the establishment of village life in the Levant during the pre-pottery Neolithic B period
A. Chris Silvester

Dig It dialogue

Dr. Amy Roberts
Adrian Mollenmans

Science communication and museums: Interview with Michael Mills
Catriona Santilli

Field reports

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Interested in Native Title or Indigenous heritage?
Cass Kohle

My experience at Çatalhöyük
Chelsea Wiseman

It’s not rock art science, it’s more than that: The rock art expedition to Macao, Portugal
Trevor Tisdall


Students raising the bar: Review of the 2015 National archaeology Student Conference, 14th–16th August, Sydney, Australia
Rebekah Hawkins, Sharna Katzeff and Olivier Rochecouste

Book reviews

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Wonderful Things: A History of Egyptology 1: From Antiquity to 1881, by Jason Thompson
Olivier Rochecouste

The Ethics of Cultural Heritage, edited by Tracey Ireland and John Schofield
Odunyemi Oluseyi Agbelusi

Prehistoric Archaeology on the Continental Shelf: A Global Review, edited by Amanda M. Evans, Joseph C. Flatman and Nicholas C. Fleming
Michael de Ruyter

Between the Devil and the Deep—Meeting the Challenges in the Public Interpretation of Maritime Cultural Heritage, edited by Della A. Scott-Ireton
Iain Gately

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