New lights on the archaeology of Sungbo’s Eredo, southwestern Nigeria

Olanrewaju B. Lasisi1 and David A. Aremu2

1,2 Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

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Dig It: The Journal of the Flinders Archaeological Society

Volume 3, May 2016

Print: ISSN 1440-2475
Online: ISSN 2203-1898


Earlier studies carried out on Sungbo’s Eredo (embankment) showed that it is about 165 km in circumference and surrounds the whole of Ijebu Kingdom. From the date obtained by Aremu et al. (2013: 17), the structure is thought to have been built around 5000 years ago. However, it is possible that the site was also occupied during the medieval period, as evidenced in the remains around the sacred grove. This paper reports on a GPS survey of the site and excavations carried out during 2014 fieldwork archaeology intended to confirm or refute the dates previously obtained from the embankment. It examines the cultural materials recovered from the excavation, including Late Stone Age materials and those of the Neolithic period. Analysis of the Neolithic and Late Stone Age materials suggests that the site may be of greater antiquity than earlier reported and that this forest zone of West Africa was occupied at different time periods.


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