Past Social Events (2013-19)


ArchSoc’s 21st Birthday Celebrations

The past event, held in 2013, was to commemorate the Archaeological Society’s history and to celebrate 21 years of ArchSoc’s contribution to the University society.

Historical Adelaide Quiz Night

This past event was a quiz night dedicated to exploring historic Adelaide. Complete with dress ups and raffle tickets, the night brought historic Adelaide to life!


The neander-crawl was a clever and exciting pubcrawl, exploring Adelaide’s night life while wearing fun, quirky and creative tshirts!



Back to the Past Pubcrawl

Back to the Past pubcrawl was a great chance to have another fun night with both friends and colleagues from ArchSoc. Again wearing our famous fun, quirky and creative shirts!

Quiz Night – Christmases Past

Another famous ArchSoc Quiz night, promoting dress up (of course)! Complete with awards, imaginations and Christmas spirit!



Quiz Night – Quizmas

Quizmas was brought to you by ArchSoc, a fun and interesting play on words quiz that had just the right amount of Christmas touches!



 I’ve got 99 problems but a ditch ain’t one! – Pubcrawl

That’s right, ArchSoc joined up with Jay-Z for an evening of fun! Along with a very appealing shirt, this pubcrawl was a very enjoyable evening!

A night in the Tav – Quiz Night

A night in the Tav was brought to you by ArchSoc’s 2016 committee members. Catering for a variety of quiz knowledge, ArchSoc hosted a very successfully and worthwhile night!



Welcome Back BBQ

We started the new year off with a ‘meet and greet’ on the roof top terrace at Flinders! Decked out with BBQ goodies, Archaeology hang-man and the Archaeological Department’s faculty, it was a sunny and excellent way to meet the new faces of ArchSoc.

Need dating advice? – Pubcrawl

Do you need dating advice? Ask us, we’re archaeologists! These ArchSoc members hit Adelaide night life, giving only the best dating advice (the carbon kind – obviously!).

Indy for President – Pubcrawl

Indiana Jones accompanied us on this pubcrawl, enjoying himself a little too much (he left early to get the Nazis he saw in Woolshed!) This evening was great chance to meet new faces and enjoy a night along with Flinders’ finest Archaeologists!

ArchSoc’s 25th Anniversary

2017 brought with it 25 years of the Archaeological Society. This celebration was a very enjoyable evening, commemorating all the work ArchSoc has achieved throughout the past 25 years!



Welcome back drinks at the Tav!

Just like the previous year, ArchSoc was joined together by the Department’s faculty to mingle and greet the new faces of ArchSoc along with the old. It was a great afternoon of Archaeology chatter and an amazing chance for the first-year students to network and talk to older peers!

Family Fun Day!

ArchSoc hosted a family fun day during Archaeology Week. It was a great afternoon full of face painting, soccer playing and BBQ eating! Enjoyed by all!


The Flinders Archaeological Society is hosted three events for About Time: South Australia’s History Festival and National Archaeology Week aimed at involving the wider community in South Australian archaeology and heritage.

Archaeology Revealed

Meet the Archaeologists Night

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