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Welcome to 2015: O Week, awards, and a new committee on board!

It’s only the second week of Semester 1 2015 at Flinders Uni, and already the year is shaping up to be a busy and productive one for Flinders ArchSoc. Here’s a wrap-up of events that launched the university year for ArchSoc:

O Week

O week Semester 1 was a great success with a steady flow of new archaeology students keen to get the year going by joining their society. It was great to see so many new faces; even better to have so many volunteer for the upcoming Digger’s Shield!

1. Emma and Dianne.O Week stall sem 1
ArchSoc O Week stall, day 1, Emma Somyden Davey and Dianne Riley

The week closed with the annual Semester 1 Archaeology Department-hosted BBQ for new and returning students, including some joining the student body from interstate. Welcome all!

Students Amber Parrington, Jacob Gwiazdzinkski  and Kathleen Gorey
Students Amber Parrington, Jacob Gwiazdzinkski  and Kathleen Gorey

For her volunteer services to ArchSoc and its publication Dig It in 2014, and for her demonstrated commitment to and passion for archaeology, Jana Rogasch was the deserving recipient of the ArchSoc Andrew Allen-Farr Award, presented at the Welcome BBQ. This year, we’re delighted to have Jana back taking care of non-course field and workshop opportunities in her new role as Field Work Coordinator.

3. Jana Rogasch and Catherine Bland
Jana Rogasch and Catherine Bland

ArchSoc Committee Handover

On Thursday 5 March the incoming 2015 Committee met at the beautiful venue Warriparinga/Living Kaurna Cultural Centre to be inducted into their new roles, with experienced committee members (including past committee member Antoinette Hennessy) providing valuable insight and guidance into the highlights and challenges of being part of an active student organisation. Jordan Ralph and Dianne Riley facilitated a well-structured day of information, training and organising, and the group left feeling energised and on task for the busy months to come.

4. Jordan Ralph presenting background for  2015 committee
Jordan Ralph giving background on ArchSoc to the 2015 Committee

FUSA Award

The Annual Flinders University Student Association (FUSA) Club Awards recognises clubs and societies for their contribution to campus culture; at the 2015 Awards Night last Friday, ArchSoc took out the award for Best Club 2014! Dianne and Jordan were there to accept the award on behalf of the 2014 committee; brilliant work all round, and many thanks to FUSA.

About the Best Club Award: Awarded to the club that has consistently remained active, engaging, and fair for the majority of the year. The Award Committee will take into consideration the length of time the club has been affiliated, the amount of activities that the club has run in 2014, and the number of members that the club has maintained, as well as anecdotal evidence seen around campus of the club’s status and activities.


Annual General Meeting 2014, Thursday 27/11/14

Dianne Riley, Flinders ArchSoc President 2014

Dear ArchSoc members and friends,

The Flinders Archaeological Society 2014 AGM will be held on Thursday 27th November in North Theatre 2 at Flinders University. At 4pm there will be a short presentation about what ArchSoc has achieved this year, followed by drinks and pizza, supplied by ArchSoc. The official proceedings commence at 5pm sharp, following the presentation and refreshments.

We request the attendance of all Fee-paying, Associate and Life Members at this meeting. Non-members are able to attend, but cannot vote. We are also seeking dedicated, passionate, positive and enthusiastic students to join our committee in 2015: committee nomination form.

I have attached the agenda, which includes the annual reports of the Executive and General committees, along with their recommendations: Agenda and committee reports. Please read the reports before coming to the meeting, as we will only discuss specific issues arising from them. The agenda also includes nominations for the 2015 Executive and General Committees (see nomination form above), nominations for Honorary Life Membership (Antoinette will send this nomination form out soon), and other business. If any member has other business they wish to discuss at the meeting, please send it to me by 2pm Thursday 27th November.

If you cannot attend the meeting, our Constitution states that you can nominate a proxy to attend, speak and vote on your behalf. Your vote will be added to the vote of your proxy. To nominate a proxy, please fill out the attached form and email it to our returning officer, Antoinette: proxy nomination form. Antoinette will verify your membership and the membership of your proxy. Only Fee-paying, Associate and Honorary Life Members are eligible to vote and act as a proxy. Proxies will only be accepted if Antoinette has received notification of this by 2pm Thursday 27th November.

If you would like to nominate a proxy, but are unsure of who to nominate, then choose someone from the committee, but make sure they are attending the meeting. Contacts can be found here.

Voting will be by secret ballot in the case of multiple persons running for the same position.

It is important for members to attend the meeting so that we meet quorum. If you cannot attend, then please, nominate a proxy.

I have also attached the minutes from the previous two general meetings, for acceptance at the AGM:

Minutes ArchSoc AGM 14th November 2013

Minutes ArchSoc SGM 12th March 2014