ArchSoc is having a bakesale

Good news, Arch-Socers!

On Tuesday, 9th of October (10am – 3pm), ArchSoc will be holding a BAKESALE at the Plaza, Flinders University! Help us raise funds to support more upcoming volunteer opportunities we are organising before the end of the year. One of these is a camping trip to the beautiful Flinders Ranges in November (dates and details yet to be announced).

We are looking for VOLUNTEERS to help bake some treats to sell, or help out at the stall for an hour or two. If you are interested in either of these things, please feel free to contact Antoinette, or Nessa (our details below) – we would appreciate any help!

Save the date, and tell your friends, or else miss out on the delectable delicacies made with some good old fashioned TLC…

…or Betty Crocker pre-mix…

…but mostly TLC!


Antoinette – / 0433 204 739

Nessa – / 0422 065 405

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Archaeology: just can’t get it off my mind. Semester Two O Week

We are running a stall at the FlindersOne ‘O’ Week: 10am-3pm Monday-Thursday in the Refectory (food court) at Flinders.

A few people ventured down to the many displays manned by representatives of Flinders University’s numerous clubs and societies today, but hopefully we see a few more new (and familiar) faces for the rest of the week.

We are selling memberships, merchandise and tickets to our raffle*. So if you haven’t introduced yourself yet, come down, find out what we’re up to this semester and maybe even join up!

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Port Arthur Fundraising – A Huge Success!

In 4 days our lucky volunteers will be jetting off to Port Arthur, Tasmania, for a week of processing, cataloguing, and photography of artefacts excavated from the Hobart Penetentiary Chapel (2011). We hope that they take home some valuable experience that many archaeology students in Australia could only wish to be involved in. But it hasn’t been a static build up to the day! Within the past fortnight, ArchSoc held 2 fundraising events which were extremely successful with the help of the Port Arthur students!

First there was the Port Arthur BBQ on Wednesday 28th of March. We set ourselves up on the Plaza grass, and readied ourselves for the lunch rush. The familiar and seductive smells of a classic outdoor barbeque tempted passers-by and lured in those who just couldn’t say no to a snag. A constant stream of students and lecturers kept us on our toes, serving them up freshly cooked sausages and veggie patties with onions and sauce at the ready. Some even came back for seconds – we must have been that great!

The following week, on Wednesday 4th of April, was our Port Arthur Bake Sale in the Humanities Courtyard. Volunteers from the committee and PA students brought their culinary skills (or for some, their Mums) to the trestle tables, ready for the innocent passer-by with the persevering sweet tooth. From slices to cupcakes, each delectable creation was sold off one-by-one leaving only a plateful of sweets at the end of the day.

A big thank you to those who helped support the cause and the students for a trip we hope they won’t forget!

Check out our Facebook gallery for more photos!