Pub Crawl Theme Survey Results

Recently we asked you what theme you wanted for the upcoming ArchSoc Semester Two Pub Crawl– the results are in! Thank you to those who gave us your suggestions, and for those who voted – a fantastic response of 65 people, which is over 50% of our member base! Here are our top 3 themes…

In 3rd place with with 13.8% of votes: “Keep calm and keep digging”.

In 2nd with 15.4% of votes: “Don’t Panic! I Have a Trowel”

And with 50.2% of votes, our winner is…
HUG AN ARCHAEOLOGIST: THEIR LIFE IS IN RUINS“Thanks again for your input, everyone 🙂 We will be working on the shirt design and will be available, with other pub crawl details soon. Don’t forget to answer our other survey on the benefits of student groups that is still running until the 31st of October.

For a reminder of how spectacular our last Pub Crawl was, click here!


Every Day I’m Shovellin’ Pub Crawl

Last Saturday night (5th May), ArchSoc held it’s “Everyday I’m Shovellin’” pub crawl in the East End of Adelaide. At least that is what I’ve been told…I do not recall much.

I awoke Sunday and sat at my computer to write a review…which was impossible, given the two minutes worth of memories of the night prior. Facebook and various discussions over the next 48 hours have shed some light on the pubcrawl’s events…

Our blue shirts raged through town; first PJ O’Briens, where a million pubcrawlee’s (true stats) arrived for their first stint of drinks; then Austral, where another pubcrawl was apparently being held (ours was better…); then Shotz , where awesome turned to weskome; and Sugar. Continue reading “Every Day I’m Shovellin’ Pub Crawl”


Every Day I’m Shovellin’: ArchSoc Pub Crawl 2012!

We are very excited to officially announce the first ArchSoc Pub Crawl for 2012 on Saturday 5th May: Every Day I’m Shovellin’

T-Shirt Design

We hope to have a fun-filled night for everyone on the East End of Adelaide, this time with games and prizes for those who are up for it (more details regarding venues will be released in the next week: it will be held in the pubs and clubs around Rundle Street).

Some of us will be meeting up for dinner and pre-drinks at The Stag at 6:30pm if you would like to join us, otherwise we will see you at the first pub at 8pm! Please let us know if you want to join us for dinner so we know how many seats to book, there are limited seats (dinner is only for those that have paid for shirts).

We will be taking orders for t-shirts until Thursday, 26th of April (that’s the first Thursday after the holidays). Feel free to buy a shirt even if you’re not going on the pub crawl- same prices, great for fieldwork! Sizes are your standard S, M, L, etc. Follow these links for sizing charts:



$15 – members

$20 – non-members

$30 – if you want a shirt AND a membership

(We have a list of paid members so please be honest, we will check. If you are unsure if you are a member or not, you probably aren’t)

We prefer that you pay via internet banking (direct deposit), but if you are unable to do this, please feel free to contact Jordan (0409420784 ralp0019), Nessa (0422065405 beas0018), or Antoinette (0433204739 henn0073) to organise a time to meet up and pay.

We will also have a stall on Tuesday 24th and Thursday 26th April to take orders. There will NOT be any excess shirts, so you will NOT get a shirt unless YOU HAVE PAID. We bank through the NAB and details are below:

Account Name: FASFU.

BSB: 085330

Account No: 129825206
(FASFU: Flinders Archaeological Society of Flinders University).

Remember to add your name and the word ‘pubcrawl’ to the online transfer so we know who has paid and why. After the transfer, please let us know your shirt size and the transfer receipt number in a separate email.

Drink specials to follow at a later date…

Keep up-to-date with the pub crawl via this page, our facebook event page and our mailing list (we don’t always post to fuad).