About Us

The Flinders Archaeology and History Society (ArcHSoc) is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to enhancing the experience of Flinders’ archaeology and history students and to broadening the understanding of archaeology and heritage among the student body. As we know, to succeed in archaeology you need to be proficient in volunteering, networking and teamwork. ArcHSoc strives to facilitate the development of these skills through a range of social networking and professional development events. We have pub crawls, pub nights, monthly BBQs, an annual quiz night, training days, community days, seminars and subsidised volunteer opportunities. Being part of ArcHSoc will benefit you and make your time at university much more pleasant and rewarding.

Nominate for the 2021 ArcHSoc Comittee!

With 2020 coming to a close, applications are now open for the 2021 committee. We encourage students and archaeology enthusiasts of all levels of experience and walks of life to join the committee, and help continuing to improve our association in the coming year! To apply for any of our positions, please download the document below and submit the completed form to belinda.duke@flinders.edu.au by October 15th. Final voting and announcement of winners will occur at the 2020 ArcHSoc AGM (date to be announced).

For an outline of the responsibilities of each role, see the document below.


The purpose of the society is to contribute to the social networking and professional development of Flinders archaeology and history students by:

  • hosting social and academic events throughout the academic year;
  • facilitating student networking amongst other students and professionals;
  • promoting student attendance at conferences;
  • promoting the Flinders University Departments of Archaeology and History and their staff, students and associates;
  • promoting ethical approaches and best practice procedures in archaeology; and
  • engaging the wider community with archaeology in interactive and informative ways.
Please feel free to join our mailing list, even if you are not a member of ArchSoc. Once you have been approved, you will start to receive our emails and updates on events and volunteer opportunities. As a non-member, however, you may not be eligible for discounts, or be able to participate in members-only events: https://listserver.flinders.edu.au/mailman/listinfo/archsoc
If you have any comments or questions please contact through the below form or email us at flindersarchsoc@gmail.com

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